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We are highly organised in the work we do thanks to the expertise we have accrued during our more than 30 years of being in business. This allows us to impart our distinctive know-how to our clients and support them in choosing their desired product.



Listening to our clients’ requests and reading between the lines to understand their real needs, their style and the scope of the event they want to organise: these are the elements that form the very foundation of our analysis. Using these details, we can then identify several possible solutions, which we like to present using photos, simulations and artist renderings.


Site Visit

Once we have settled on the preferred solution, our technical team will visit the site to carry out a thorough site survey, measuring the layout, geometry and morphology of the venue where the structure will be installed. Our focus on logistics during this step will allow us to organise everything in the best possible manner.



The initial idea and the relevant technical details are then developed into a detailed project that includes the set-up materials required and the relative budget, so we can present our client with a comprehensive overview of the project.



Everything that has been planned takes shape during the installation stage, when our team of specialised, expert assemblers come into play. This is a step that must be done with painstaking attention to detail and must be carried out quickly and impeccably. Careful coordination with other partners/suppliers allows us to complete the structure superbly.



Our teams will also dismantle the structure just as carefully once your event is over: order, speed and efficiency will be the order of the day until the work is done. Attentive logistics is crucial to return the location back to its original state.


The experience we have accrued in this rental sector has also led us to meeting our clients’ requests for permanent structures over the years. Starting from the planning stage, we help our clients to produce bespoke durable structures made from select superior quality materials.

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