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Le Coperture

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Founded in 1986, Le Coperture manufactures and rents temporary structures for exclusive events. Based in Treviso, close to Venice, the company can boast extensive experience both within Italy and abroad with its range of structural solutions.

The variety of modular structures we have available in various shapes and sizes allows us to offer original solutions that are in keeping with the times and meet the needs of even our most discerning clients, from our glass Greenhouse to our Crystal or Classic Marquees.

The products we have available are able to accommodate events that vary considerably in terms of the number of guests, thereby ensuring a successful outcome for your project thanks to our thorough site survey, technical and feasibility analysis, design, planning and the complete installation of the structure.

The options we make available perfectly fuse beauty with technical features, ensuring your guests can savour the magical feel of the outdoors, while enjoying the comfort and elegance of an indoor setting.

Ever since it was founded, Le Coperture has been able to boast successful relationships with a business book of prestigious, renowned clients, whose details are meticulously kept in full confidentiality to ensure their privacy.

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