The distinctive architectural style of this structure makes Serra delle Feste the ideal choice for individuals or top companies wishing to celebrate an important anniversary or major event.

The frame is in cream-painted hot galvanized iron; two series of columns of different heights support the roof, composed of a higher part in the centre and a lower slope around it.

Thanks to the self-levelling galvanized iron base, the structure can be used on ground with a slope of up to 60 cm; it is floored in wood and covered with carpet or other materials that may be chosen by the customer.

The iron and safety glass wall structure is equipped with windows and outward-opening doors.

The roof may be in blackout white PVC or in transparent Cristal PVC.

This ideal structure for entertaining guests is completed with an adjustable lighting system and a heating or air conditioning system.

The Serra delle Feste winter garden comes in a variety of sizes, allowing it to cover surfaces from 256 to 560 m2 and provide a sophisticated response to even the most complex requirements.

Serra delle Feste is fully compliant with safety regulations, and all the materials used meet current standards.

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