Gran Galà Veranda

A superbly elegant, sophisticated solution for welcoming a larger number of guests indoors, whether it be outside your own home, a hotel or restaurant.

The Gran Galà Veranda blends beautifully with existing structures, thanks to the versatile modules that can be combined to construct it.

A large variety of colours, materials and finishes are available, thus ensuring the customer’s requirements are met in every detail, making the most of the space available.
The lean-to structure is composed of aluminium sections of different widths depending on the width they are required to span, suitable anchored to the ground and stabilised. The self-supporting structure can also be fixed to older buildings, with no risk of damaging existing walls.

The fixed or sliding side openings may be either in transparent Cristal PVC or sliding window panels.
At the request of the customer, the veranda may be floored with suitably levelled varnished fir boards, or covered in colored carpet or other materials.
An adjustable lighting system is provided for, and a heating and/or air conditioning system may also be installed.

Thanks to the experience gained in a wide variety of installations, Le Coperture is able to design and offer advice on the very best technical and stylistic solutions, as well as to carry out projects carefully studied to meet specific individual needs.

The Gran Galà Classica Veranda is fully compliant with safety regulations, and all the materials used meet current standard.

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