Gran Galà Pagodas

Pagodas have a particular allure all of their own: the polygon-shaped base and inviting shape gives a unique touch of elegance to enhance any type of layout.

The aluminium section frame is concealed on the inside by draped fabrics and sealed at the sides and at the top by white or Cristal PVC, according to the preferences expressed by the customer.

Each Gran Galà Pagoda can be completed with wooden flooring, which may be carpeted or covered with another type of material of the customer’s choice.

The structure is completed by an adjustable lighting system, and a heating or air conditioning system may also be installed so as to offer guests a truly inviting experience.

The Pagodas, which vary in size from 8 to 20 metres, can be used for both small spaces and surfaces of up to 300 m2, making them the perfect choice for a wide variety of occasions.

They are suitable both to embellish a park or garden and as an extra outdoor room for welcoming a larger number of guests, and customers can opt either for a single, spacious module or create an attractive pattern by combining several smaller modules.

The Gran Galà Pagodas are fully compliant with safety regulations, and all the materials used meet current standards.

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