Gran Galà Classic Marquee

Classic and sophisticated, featuring a soft, draped ceiling flanked with white fabric sides, the marquee offers a number of decorative options in different types of materials and colours.

The frame is made of aluminium sections covered in fabric throughout.

The roof is in white PVC, while the side openings – which may be fixed or sliding – may be in either transparent PVC or with sliding glass window panes.

For enhanced comfort and an especially inviting appearance, the floor is made of suitably levelled fir boards, which may be carpeted or covered with another type of material at the request of the customer.

Attractive effects can be created thanks to the adjustable lighting system, while a comfortable temperature is guaranteed by the heating and air conditioning system.

The Gran Galà marquee is a highly versatile, modular structure whose size and shape can easily be tailored to the requirements of the space at the customer’s disposal.

The most appropriate solution is decided upon and the details chosen together with the customer for each individual occasion.

The Gran Galà marquee is fully compliant with safety regulations, and all the materials used meet current standards.

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