Gazebos are small roofed structures with a square or rectangular base, and are ideal for marking off particular areas or creating a sitting room atmosphere outdoors. Several of the same modules may be placed together, or different ones may be combined with one another.

The frame is made of appropriately sized aluminium sections, with a four-pitch roof; the roof cover and side openings are in either white PVC or transparent, glass-look Cristal.

The classic-style Gazebo is adorned inside with a draped fabric ceiling and curtains.

The Viene structure is floored in wood and covered with carpet or other materials that may be chosen by the customer.

The structure is completed by an adjustable lighting system, and a heating or air conditioning system may also be installed so as to offer guests a truly inviting experience.

The small size of these structures makes them particularly versatile and suitable for challenging spaces, offering the opportunity to create a classy, elegant environment anywhere.

The Gazebo is fully compliant with safety regulations, and all the materials used meet current standards.

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