Careful analysis, study, consulting and planning.

Behind all projects carried out by Le Coperture lies some careful planning work. First of all, it is important to take a close look at the customer’s initial idea, in order to understand what they actually need, their style and the scope of the event they intend to organise.

It is only after this preliminary stage that the detailed project begins to take shape, whether it be a temporary structure or a permanent creation destined for sale.

Le Coperture staff draw up a project that comprises not only the measurements of the structure and all the technical details, but also the materials required, the systems to be installed and any additional features.

Skilled technical staff accompany the customer every step of the way in order to obtain the best possible results, in terms not only of appearance, but also of logistics.

Every single detail is defined with great care, so that even last-minute hiccups can be dealt with smoothly.

The purpose of our work is to make sure the party, celebration or wedding you are organising becomes one of the highlights of your life.