All our solutions are available for hire.

All Le Coperture products are available for hire. Before any structure is hired, a careful on-site inspection is carried out so that the characteristics of the landscape and the surroundings can be analysed.

The aim of this initial “glance” is to make sure the customer’s needs are met as fully as possible, by providing the creative skills and professional experience required for an end result that is both technically perfect and beautifully sophisticated.

The structure is assembled a few days before the event, so that the operators in charge of the internal finishes and any other tasks can work as effectively as possible.

The customer is kept up to date on when the structure is to be assembled, and is informed of our arrival so that there are no hitches of any kind and so that we can work together as productively as possible.

Our teams are entirely self-sufficient, and are made up of carefully chosen members of our staff.