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    30 March 2012 

    The new Serra delle Feste 

    The Serra delle Feste winter garden is the most sought-after of our structures thanks to its original appearance and ability to create a truly special, superbly sophisticated atmosphere.

    Our customers had been asking us for years about the possibility of fitting out spaces with different sizes from those the traditional modules of this structure were designed to cater for, so we decided to come up with a new project able to make our product even more versatile, without making major changes to the details and taking care to maintain the structure’s distinctively elegant appearance.

    It was also necessary to pay careful attention to the technical aspects, so as to maintain what is without doubt one of the product’s most important qualities: the simple assembly, which means that such a complex, original structure can even be hired for just a few days.

    And we’ve made it at last!

    Serra delle Feste also comes in the sizes 20x24, 20x20 and 20x28 metres, and can therefore be used for surfaces of up to 560 m2.

    A new “slim version” (12x12 and 12x16 metres) will also soon be available, designed for those with smaller spaces at their disposal who nonetheless wish to welcome guests in our Serra delle Feste.