The steps that lie
behind every project

Ours is a precise, clearly defined method that combines our skills and experience, allowing us to handle any request, safe in the knowledge that we will always be able to come up with the ideal solution. Three elements that make up the know-how that is the hallmark of Le Coperture.

  • April 2012
    For a private customer who organized an event with 700 guests, we were entrusted with building an oval Gran Gala Tent of about 1000 square meters on his own garden. We checked the project from the beginning to the end: Analysis, Inspection, Design, Installation.

    The suggested video tells trough some images the construction process that we followed during assembly.

    Our construction process

  • before after

  • before after

  • before after

  • before after

  • before after

  • Analysis

    Listening to the customer's explicit requests and reading between the lines to understand their real needs, their style and the scope of the event they plan to organise: these are the elements our analysis is based on. Once these considerations have been made, we are able to unleash our creative spirit in order to shape possible solutions, which are then presented to the customer in the shape of artistic representations, simulations and rendering.
  • Inspection

    Once the ideal solution for a particular customer and event has been identified, our staff carries out a thorough inspection to record the geometry and morphology of the site where the structure is to be installed. In addition, we assess the location so that all the details of the project are able to blend attractively with the style of the setting.
  • Design

    The initial idea now takes the shape of a detailed project: not only as regards the measurements of the structure and all the technical features, but also an exhaustive list of all the materials required, the systems to be installed and any additional features. These working documents are now ready to be used for constructing the structure.
  • Installation

    Skilled, precise, scrupulous staff make the definitive project a concrete reality. This is a phase that requires the utmost attention to every single detail, which must be taken care of skilfully and rapidly. Careful coordination with any partners involved allows us to complete the structure to perfection quickly and efficiently.
  • Disassembly

    Our teams are just as quick, tidy and efficient at disassembling the structure once the event is over, organising the operation effectively so as to restore the location to its original appearance.