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Le Coperture was founded in 1986 by a group of professionals operating in the catering sector, who realised there was a market opportunity for attractive, quality products for fitting out and holding receptions in outdoor areas.

The combination of their experience and the technical abilities of skilled project designers led to the creation of the Gran Galà marquee, the first of its kind to combine beauty with functionality: a structure able to offer shelter from the sun and rain, covered in fabric so as to conceal the frame and create a pleasant, inviting effect, suitable for welcoming guests on even the most important of occasions.

The company immediately began working with the finest catering businesses in Veneto, as well as leading organisations at national level. The word soon spread, opening the doors to the most prestigious homes and businesses in Italy, who began entrusting the success of their events to Le Coperture. The growing demand from all over Italy led the company to extend its range of products and services. In addition to hire services, the company also extended the design and construction of permanent structures destined for the contract sector, for hotels, museums and other facilities with a desire to enhance their appearance by adding to the space available.

The prestige and importance of our customers requires a customised service and on-going technical research. From private parties to major corporate events, the know-how and creativity that are the twin hallmarks of Le Coperture allow us to provide a precise, punctual response to an endless variety of different needs and requests.