Structures for entertaining thirty
to three thousand people.

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We create mobile or permanent structures that can be used to organise and exploit outdoor areas: gardens, courtyards, parks, squares, terraces or stadiums. Our products offer solutions for organising events with guest numbers ranging from thirty to three thousand people. Each of our projects is a skilful combination of a careful study of the location, technical analysis, planning and design and, finally, installation, allowing us to turn a modular structure into a fully customised space that is the perfect showcase for your event.

The choice of interior furnishings and fabrics, flooring and coverings and the variety of lighting options are the strengths that allow us to create sophisticated, elegant settings. Our skilled, professional technical staff take particular care to provide an efficient, confidential service able to accompany customers every step of the way and in every detail.

Our fabulous open-air rooms are a perfect combination of beauty and technical features, with the transparent structures in particular allowing guests to enjoy all the magic of outdoors with the comfort and elegance of an indoor setting.

The Gran Galà marquees, the lovely Serra delle Feste Winter Garden, the modular Sail tensile structures, the smaller, more versatile Pagodas and Gazebos are all safe, stable constructions built using the finest materials, compliant with EC standards for a result that is both light and sophisticated. The PVC tops and sides are fire reaction class 2, the interior fabrics and carpets are certified as fire reaction class 1 and the wooden flooring is coated with fire-resistant varnish in compliance with the standards in force.